Musculoskeletal Pain Disorders

Back/Neck Pain – Back pain is becoming more and more common within our society and there are several reasons for this. Within Chinese Medicine, all pain is caused by stagnation of Qi. This stagnation can be due to many factors, such as trauma or weakness due to overuse or aging. Acupuncture is a great way to deal with all kinds of pain. We often use electrical Acupuncture on the affected area to move Qi and relieve pain. Chinese herbs are often used for chronic conditions.

Whip Lash – This is caused by an impact to the head and a counteracting by the cervical vertebrae. It is not only car accidents that cause whiplash injuries, although this does account for a lot of whiplash accidents. If the whiplash is left untreated, then our bodies frequently accommodate in time so that we are pain-free. There will be compensation in the spine to accommodate for the injury. This can become problematic later on in life and may manifest in headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, or if the whole spine becomes affected then even the lower back can become involved. It is best to start treatment as soon as possible after an accident to prevent problems later on. Acupuncture is great at relieving the pain, inflammation, and trauma in the muscles and soft tissue and to increase any limited range of motion.

Sciatica – This is often caused by the piriformis muscle contracting and pinching the sciatic nerve. Acupuncture is great at releasing the muscle to stop it from pinching the nerve.

Arthritis – Acupuncture is often helpful with reducing the pain, aching and stiffness in the joints, therefore, allowing the joints to be less painful and more flexible. Chinese Herbs can help to reduce swelling in the joints, and are helpful in cases of osteoarthritis.

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