Stress Disorders

Insomnia – During an acupuncture consultation it is routine to ask about how the patient sleeps. Adequate rest is essential for our well being as it allows time for the body to recuperate and revitalize ready for the following day. Not enough sleep can be a cause for future illness. There are many factors that can cause sleeping problems such as drinking too much coffee late at night or too much stimulation from video games or the TV. Muscular pain can also lead to sleeping problems if the pain is worse at night. In many other cases, the cause is related to stress and anxiety from a variety of sources. Acupuncture, and often Chinese Herbs, are used to focus on the root problem, as well as relaxing the mind and spirit, allowing the person to be able to fall asleep at night.

Anxiety – Anxiety and panic attacks range in severity from mild to debilitating. Both Acupuncture and Chinese herbs work very well to calm the person, their mind, and their spirit.? Acupuncture also helps to get at what emotions lay beneath the anxiety.

Stress often leads to other symptoms like insomnia, headaches, stiff neck/back/shoulders, and even digestive troubles. Treating stress at its root takes a multifaceted treatment plan which focuses on changing the mindset as well as energetic balancing.

Depression – In the foundations of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, we are taught that depression is caused by an imbalance in the emotional component of energy flow. This is often caused by underlying emotions such as sadness, anger, or disappointment. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs help to find and treat the emotion(s) which is out of balance.
Sleep and stress disorders

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