Your advice helped me! :-)

Hey Todd!

I want to give you a testimony! 🙂
I had been praying about the hip pain I was having and asking Jesus for guidance as to what to do…….I ended up buying Groupon and your associate said I should go to doctor and get xray to make sure there was nothing major going on in my hips. You had me stick out my tongue and mentioned “seeing fibroids” and asked me a lot of questions about monthly female stuff. I honestly thought, “How does this relate to my hips?” So I made appointment with my regular doctor afterwards right away. Now my regular doctor has never believed in “natural medicine.” At one point I had a lot of numbness in my hands and he sent me to orthopedic surgeon because they were both sure I have carpal tunnel. But….all numbness is gone after help from my chiropractor and prayer from the ministry I attend. ( He was in unbelief that the chiropractor helped but he just listened. But when I came in this time and told him what you said about how you knew I have fibroids by looking at my tongue, he laughed and said, “That’s ridiculous!” So he did complete physical! And hip xray! And because I’ve had some issues with my bladder as well he decided to do an ultrasound. And what did he find? Well, after doing a “female exam” on me he said, “I don’t detect any fibroids. That guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” And the hip xray came back clear of any arthritis etc! 🙂 (which made me happy!) But then………the ultrasound!!!! The ultrasound shows that I have a cyst about 4 inches on one ovary, another cyst on the other ovary and a fibroid the size of a canteloupe sitting back against my back!!!!! The doctor had to humble himself and call to let me know. Now I must decide whether to have surgery and hysterectomy 🙁 after years of suffering and now having nausea.

Thank you. God led me to ya and I’m grateful both you and your associate were bold to speak up and tell me the truth.


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